Gold Essence Thread Face Lift

See results instantly: remove wrinkles for younger you.
No needles or surgery needed. This product is packed with protein and nutrients for your skin that creates an instant lift. Abundance moisturizing of deep and dry lines. Diverse active ingredients to support collagen growth. Combined with nano gold, plant and plant extract to create supple, tight, young and lifting affects; supple and firm from inside out with persistent use. Visible results after one treatment guaranteed.

Benefits: Gold with plant extract rich in texture, nourishes and hydrates the skin with lifting and tightening benefits.
* Nourishes and hydrates your skin
* Supple cheeks
* Minimizes discoloration
* Removes eye wrinkles
* Lifts jaw lines
* Reduces laughing lines
* Reduces forehead lines

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Gold Essence Thread Face Lift: How It Works

Gold Essence Thread Face Lift: How to use

How to apply Gold Threads

() For best results use our product Firming Essence & Solution 40 minutes before.
1 Clean your face with your favorite cleanser and warm water.
2 Put 1 or 2 bottles of the essence in a cup of hot water to warm the liquid essence.
3 Spray your face generously with the Gold protein essence, about 1/3 bottle.
4 Make sure to have clean and dry hands every time you touch the threads.
Take out the threads and lay them out one by one on top of the gold box.
5 Placement of threads (see pictures below for reference)
5.1 First thread, place from lower jaw upward to below ear.
5.2 From Corner of mouth to mid ear.
5.3 Tip of nose to above the ear.
5.4 One from mid nose up to pass eye corner.
5.5 On forehead, first above eyebrows middle of the forehead.
5.6 And then upper area.
5.7 Do the same for the other side of the face, one on the chin.
5.8 If you have line between the brows, fold the thread first.
5.9 If there is line on nose, place one straight up.
6 Spray plenty of the Gold protein essence on the face until all threads are melted. You can lightly tap on threads, or for use facial steamer if available.
7 Massage in upward circular motions. For best results, massage and lightly pull up upward.
! Attention: It is recommended to do treatment at night and do not wash till the next morning. Next day and onward, spray Gold Protein Essence on cleaned face in the morning and at night. Lightly pat Gold Essence for better absorption and use other skin care products as usual.
Step 1 Spray
Step 2 Apply the Strips
Step 3 Massage In

Gold Essence Thread Face Lift: Before & After Pictures

Gold Essence Thread Face Lift